6 months in Chile and still loving it!

Well, I’d say that it’s probably about time for a new blog! I had high hopes of writing a blog earlier this week, but on my actual 6 month anniversary of being in Chile, I think there is no better time than today!

Life has still been flying by incredibly fast… I seriously can’t believe that my 28th birthday is next weekend! It seemed like I had just turned 27 in SF and now almost a year later, here we go again! It’s weird – in ways it seems like I’ve been here a really long time, but in other ways, I still feel like I have so much to see and do here, as well as have some work to do on my Spanish! I still don’t know exactly what my plans are for the end of my program. I definitely want to come back to the U.S. for a visit around the holidays, and then maybe, come back here again? But that is all up in the air, obviously… This whole last year has been such an amazing experience and I don’t want the adventure to end! But, there are always new and different adventures, I suppose.

Let’s see – what have I been up to the last 3 weeks to a month? Well, after my vacation, I had a pretty good start back to school, with the kids being a bit rowdier than usual. Teaching is still going well, but my co-teacher and I are changing things around a bit to make sure that the most motivated students don’t get distracted by the students that just want to talk and fool around during class. So far, so good!

Some other highlights of end of July/August:

– A few volunteers from the Winter Camp that I helped with came to Valpo for a long weekend. We went all over Valpo, taking a boat ride around the Bay and getting cocktails and food at night. I also took them to the ever-amazing sand dunes in Con Con, and we laid around in the beautiful sun while enjoying the awesome views of Valpo and Viña.

– I went to a Cuban fiesta/benefit with my host parents in Valpo where I watched them dance salsa(they’re amazing) until way too late on a school night. We also walked around Valpo a bit and took some pictures of the water and boats in the Bay.

– The other volunteers and I ran a 5K in Viña, which ended up being a really beautiful run along the water, on a gorgeous, sunny day! We loved it so much, we’ve decided to start training for a half marathon that is coming up in October in Valparaiso!

– I explored Valpo solo one random Tuesday after school and took one of the ascensors, walked around, and drank amazing real coffee at this little shop called Cafe Con Letras, very well-known in Valpo.

– I finally bought a cheap guitar to play around with and have been playing it almost on a daily basis. 🙂

– We had an English Public Speaking event this past week, where we chose one student from 7th grade to work with on a speech. Our chosen student, Pablo, did really well and picks up new words in English so fast! Although he didn’t advance to the next round, he definitely made my co-teacher and I proud!

Finally, this last week, I got a wicked cold/sinus infection thing that I am still trying to beat. Luckily, I have health insurance here through my program, so I was able to go to the doctor and get on antibiotics, but this is definitely the sickest I’ve been in a few years. Hopefully, one more day of laying in bed will do the trick!

I think that’s about it for now. I hope that all is going well for you and I will definitely write more after my birthday! Abrazos & besos (hugs and kisses)!

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One thought on “6 months in Chile and still loving it!

  1. donna morrow

    just wanted to say we love you and miss you and sounds like you are doing soooo very good and we are so very proud of you. hugs from arizona from aunt donna and uncle phil

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