Winter in Chile in and around the 5th region!

Yet again, I find myself very behind in my blog postings! Life has really seemed to have amped up as of late and I don’t seem to have too many dull moments! But I need to remember to reflect on life and catch you all up, from time to time. 🙂

The last few weeks have been the last of the “semester” at my school, so I have successfully taught an entire semester of Chilean public school! I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. To think that my original contract with English Opens Doors was only through the end of July… so I would have been leaving in a few weeks! I’m so happy that I extended until November! The semester finished off nicely, with my little ones getting more and more hyper with each day closer to vacation – haha. I am still enjoying teaching them and am still constantly entertained by the things they say and do. However, having 2-3 weeks off will definitely be a needed rejuvenation!

So, where to begin… the last few weeks have been off and on filled with rain, so we have been eating a lot of sopaipillas (Chilean rain food, essentially) and the house mom and I have been baking cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies, etc., you know, to keep the family warm! 🙂 I, with the help of my lovely gringa friend Hillary, have made brownies, blueberry muffins, M&M cookies and German chocolate cupcakes. I had to show my host fam a few American(if you can call them that) treats! I have also been hanging out a great deal with my host family, which of course means a great time and Spanish practice. A few weeks ago, my host parents took me to the fish market in Valparaiso which was a crazy sight! They sell every make, shape and form of seafood and fish, both alive and dead!

Also, trying to further my Chilean knowledge, I went to watch(and participate in slightly) a get together where people were dancing the Chilean dance, the cueca and drinking the delicious wintery beverage here, vino navegado(hot red wine, with oranges, cinnamon and cloves). I also headed to Santiago a few weeks ago, to participate in a training for a winter camp that I’ll be doing in about a week and a half. I was fortunate enough to be in Santiago on a beautiful clear day and had an amazing view of the snow-capped Andes and got to see a spectacular sunset.

Two weekends ago, the gringos and I decided to have an active weekend and climbed La Campana, a nature park with a mountain and trails to climb. We brought picnic lunches of sorts and ate on top of a peak, overlooking a spectacular view of central Chile. The following day, we decided to head to Con Con(a town about 40 minutes away from Quilpué), where there are giant that you can climb, sandboard down, or just admire from up close or afar. We decided to climb to the top and take a bunch of pictures of the amazing views from every angle – seriously a spectacular sight to be able to see the Pacific Ocean, the Andes, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Con Con, and god knows what else from the top of sand dunes! Afterwards, we headed to a little restaurant where I ate delicious fried fish for the first time in a long time(I’m generally a vegetarian, not a pescatarian).

Last weekend, I went to an event at my host sister’s school, Montesol, where I got to see her in a Greek play and got to see various other acts, from dancing to singing. Chileans seriously know how to have a good time and are so warm and welcoming to everyone!

That’s all for random, fun events in and around my region! Stay tuned for my blogs on the South of Chile and Montevideo and Buenos Aires… coming soon! Now, if I can only beat this head cold before I travel again…

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