A little day trip to Santiago – Viva Michael Jackson at the Museum of Fashion!

I know that I just posted a few days ago, but as I have new photos that I HAVE to upload and share with my host sister on Facebook, I figured I might as well write about it, too (while I drink red wine and eat oreos on a chill Saturday night)! I also uploaded a picture of Hillary, Julian and I – the amazingly gringo trio here in Quilpue and a photo of a little whiteboard writing that one of my students did for me – so cute! Oh yeah, and also a few of the cute little fire in our chimenea my host dad lit for me last night as it was freezing cold and I drank tea and read Spanish news articles by the fire while I waited for Hillary to come over!

So, the other photos… Ayun, my host sister, had been wanting to check out the Michael Jackson exhibit at the Museum of Fashion for a few weeks and being the nice gringa that I am, I agreed to take the mini trek to Santiago with her(okay fine, I was excited to go, too), with my awesome friend Hillary in tow. Hillary and I first had a little slumber party last night and we drank wine and ate oreos and oregano crackers until we were sleepy and needed to go to bed to wake up early enough to head to Santiago…

We woke up too early for a Saturday, at about 8:00 am and headed out around 9:00 am on our little 10 minute walk to the bus station. We managed to land some cheap student tickets thanks to Ayun and were on our way to Santiago! If I haven’t mentioned it before, Santiago is only about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from where I live (depending on traffic/time of day), so we all napped and looked at the window as we trekked the 2 short hours to Santiago. I obviously have not been traveling enough as of late, as I felt a bit motion sick by the time we got to Santiago(forgot my motion sickness wristbands!!!) Need to change that soon! Anyway…

We arrived in Santiago at about 11:30 am and had to then head by metro to meet up with Ayun’s god mother, Carrola. As I usually never know the exact details of what is going on at any given moment (many things get lost in translation) I just went with it. We hopped in the car with Carrola and were then on our way to the Museum of Fashion! The museum is in an old, beautiful house(a giant house that they converted into a museum) in Santiago and as it is fall here, it was surrounded with big trees that were changing colors and shedding their leaves.

In conjunction with the Michael Jackson exhibit, there was also a “Fashion in the 80’s” exhibition going on, complete with every ridiculous outfit you could have imagined from the 80’s, videos from that crazy era and loud neon and shiny prints all over the walls. We saved the Michael Jackson exhibit for last, at Ayun’s request and were pleasantly surprised at all the amazing outfits, sunglasses, shoes, belts and weird accessories that we found in the exhibit. He was definitely a weird dude, but also a trendsetter and they had so many fun jackets and pieces of his wardrobe to see! A lot of the outfits, jackets, etc. were alongside the videos or pictures that Michael wore them for(events, music videos, etc). It was very cool to see his actual “Smooth Criminal” suit next to the video of Smooth Criminal! I took quite a few pics and will have more to post once Hillary uploads her photos.

After the exhibit we headed to the mall(yes, they have a lot of those here), where we ate lunch and then Hillary and I shopped for a few hours while Ayun and Carrola went to see a movie. After that, we headed back to the metro, and then to the bus terminal, while we ate blueberry muffins and empanadas and waited for our bus . Ayun and I then came home to once and now I have an exhausting night of drinking wine, writing blogs and staying warm under my blanket ahead of me! 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!

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