Más El Salvador!

Hey there, blog readers! I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so it’s about time that I catch you all up! I didn’t write anything last weekend as we didn’t too much the week before this one. We were spending a lot of time inside as it was extremely hot and we were at his grandparents house most of the time, who don’t leave the house too often. We walked to the supermarket most days for a little exercise and planned our trip a bit more.

Here are a few highlights from the week of Nov. 14th, though. to bring you up to date:

Rain – We had a few nights of some CRAZY rain. If you think you’ve seen some crazy, hard rain in your life in the U.S., come to Central America because it will blow your mind. I’ve never heard or seen it rain so hard before coming here. The rain here floods streets in a matter of minutes!

Karaoke – We went to sing karaoke with Lex’s cousin Erik, which turned out to be really fun. I sang my first Spanish song in karaoke(Obsesion by Aventura) and butchered it a bit, but at least I tried!

Hair dye party – I decided that I was sick of people staring at me(as I’m the whitest person in town), so I decided to dye my hair dark brown! It’s helped a bit. I still have giant, blue-green eyes, but at least the darker hair keeps people guessing a bit. 🙂

Supercaliente – There was a giant disco called Supercaliente literally right in front of his grandparent’s house one night. The bass was soo loud that you could feel the vibration throughout your body and could feel the house shaking! We went out to watch a band play and talked to some neighbors, but left when all the high school kids(at least that’s what they looked like) came out to dance. The party lasted a lot of the night, but with the help of some wine, Lex and I actually didn’t sleep too badly.

La Piscina – Towards the end of last week, we also headed to a local pool with Lex’s uncle and cousin, where we ate some amazing pupusas and drank fresh pineapple juice. I think that about sums up last week…

This past week was a lot more exciting! On Tuesday, we went to a local festival, La Reina de la Paz, where the residents of San Miguel celebrate Mary(mother of Jesus) with a band, a candlelit procession, a float of her and drawings in the street. There was also a really moving art piece of sorts dedicated to all the victims of violence in San Miguel in the last year. We weren’t sure what was going on at first, as his grandparents just told us to be ready to go down the street at a certain time. Alexi wheeled his grandfather out, while the rest of us walked only a few blocks to see the sights. There were also fireworks and thousands of people. It was very cool to see thousands of people with candles surrounding you in the middle of the street. In the throng of the thousands of people, we somehow managed to randomly stumble into Alexi’s godfather Edwin and his niece Elsye(who was visiting from the U.S.), who we made plans with to visit in Cuco beach the next day.

On Wednesday, Edwin sent on of his workers (he owns a construction business) to pick us up at 11:00 am to take us to his beach house on Cuco beach for the day and to spend the night. We were excited to get out of town and out of the heat for a bit! After a pretty 1 hour drive, we arrived at his beautiful house in Cuco where we saw before us a gorgeous yellow house with a pool, a jacuzzi, hammocks and a beach front view! AMAZING! We then spent the day swimming in the pool, the beach, eating, drinking wine coolers and beers and sipping fresh coconut juice – again, amazing! They ate giant whole shrimp and fish for lunch – all had eyeballs – eww! We spent the day chatting with Elsye(Alexi’s cousin) and Edwin(his godfather) and then more relatives came later on to eat dinner and spend the night. It was a great Spanish/English/relaxation day!

On Thursday, we did more of the same – swimming, eating and relaxing, but also took Edwin’s ATV out for a ride and walked along the beach and watched the sunset. We also saw a giant frog and a huge iguana that hang out around his godfather’s yard. We decided to spend another night there(air-conditioned bedrooms – woo!) and then we were to head to San Miguel to grab some more clothes, and then to San Salvador to spend Thanksgiving with Edwin and his family. Of course, as a whole, El Salvador doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but as Edwin and a lot of his family has spent time in the U.S., they celebrate it yearly with a big party and feast for all of their friends and family.

On Friday, we woke up, ate some breakfast and then set off in the direction of San Salvador. After stopping by his grandparents house to say hi and grab some more clothes, we then stopped to pick up Edwin’s daughter in a neighboring town and then all 6 of us rode in his compact car another 2 hours. It was a tight squeeze, but a fast ride (as Edwin likes to drive fast). We also stopped by a local Comedor(small restaurant) and ate a delicious bean soup, that later made us a bit gassy. We arrived in San Salvador around 3 and relaxed in Edwin’s beautiful house. San Salvador is quite a bit cooler, than both San Miguel and Cuco, so it was a nice change! At about 8:30(after much set-up and many people in the kitchen), we ate a giant, delicious Thanksgiving meal. I didn’t partake in the turkey this time, but instead helped myself to pumpkin pie and chocolate strawberry cheesecake with ice cream for dessert –yum! Someone then busted out a karaoke machine, so the family began singing songs in English and Spanish. I, of course, had to sing some L-O-V-E by Natalie Cole, and brought the house down just a tad. We passed out full and a bit tipsy at about midnight!

Yesterday, we woke up, had breakfast made for us and then headed off to the market in downtown San Salvador, where they sold local goods. We both bought a few presents for our families and friends and then headed back to relax at the house a bit more. I started getting a head cold yesterday or the day before, so Lex and I spent the rest of the day relaxing until his godfather came back from work. We then drove back to San Miguel in the evening and said our goodbyes when they dropped us back off at Lex’s grandparents’ house. Today, we are chilling in the slightly cooler weather here and are getting ready to head to Carnaval tonight! I’m a bit foggy with my cold, but hopefully that won’t stop me from checking out the beauty that is Carnaval!

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One thought on “Más El Salvador!

  1. mike

    this is mike and susan. we veto your hair.

    time for you to put more swirlies in it.

    or at least attempt a suicide roll.

    you look very laid back.

    come back soon.

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