Sun!!! And some other stuff

It’s been a hot second since I’ve bloggy-blogged, so it’s about time I fill you all in! The week started off with more rain, that lasted through Wednesday night. We again kept in our cave most of the time as it was wet and cold everywhere, but of course, on Wednesday night we made it out to the Pub Quiz at El Barrio to make 4th place this time – woo!!! Towards the end of the quiz, we met a silly, very drunk couple from Oregon that helped us with a few of the questions and entertained us for a while. We also went to Clover again to eat the best veggie pizza I’ve had in a long while. I’m seriously going to miss that place when we leave. $2.50 to $5 delicious meals – unheard of!

We woke up on Thursday to see the most beautiful sight outside our windows – THE SUN!!! It was big, bright, warm and glorious and has stayed around pretty much up until I type this(of course it goes down at night).

Thursday night, the school had a guest speaker come in to talk to us(all in Spanish) about the Mayan calendar. I understood about 90-95% of  what he said so that was exciting, especially to hear how in tune with the earth, humans and the concept of time the Mayans were(and still are, really). As my teacher had told me a few weeks ago, the speaker reiterated the fact that Mayans don’t believe that the world will end on the 21st of December, 2012, just that the Earth will undergo a type of re-birth/cleansing. After the talk at school, I made a pretty delicious stir fry(I miss Asian food a lot). After dinner, Lex had a business meeting of sorts… he met a guy from New Zealand that is interested in guitar lessons, so Lex met him up at El Barrio. I decided to stay in and curl up with “A Confederacy of Dunces”, which I’ve now finished! Woop! Now, I just need to finish Ecotopia… anyway….

Lex had morning classes all week, and I still had the standard 2 to 5 pm classes, so it was probably good for both of us to have some alone time to chill, write music, etc. We were a lot more productive in the mornings though, as we would wake up early, go to the market, walk around town, etc… hopefully we can keep that up this week! On Friday, as it was again sunny, we walked around San Pedro in the early afternoon and ended up at a place called the Alegre pub where we drank beers and played pool overlooking the lake – awesome! It turns out that Lex and I are both pretty terrible at pool, so it was a long but entertaining 2 games.

I don’t believe we did anything on Friday night, as we had decided that we were going to move out of our comfy apartment on Saturday to go to a nearby hostel. The thought process was that if we paid way less in rent for a smaller place with no kitchen, we could eat out every day/night and still save money… So, we woke up early on Saturday and went and grabbed an amazing breakfast by the lake, then came back and packed up all of our stuff, cleaned the apartment and took out the trash. We then walked a few blocks with our massive backpacks to a nearby hostel where we had talked to the owner there about a pretty fantastic rate for a week. Upon arriving, a different guy had our room ready for us, so we went up and put our stuff down. We were then about to pay the bill for the week, when we realized the rate we thought was the weekly rate was actually the nightly rate… oops! We thought about it for a bit and then realized that we would be paying close to what we were paying before, but with no kitchen. We politely and awkwardly backed out of that situation and wandered around town for a bit with all our belongings on our back.

We then decided to head to another hostel(Hotel San Francisco) as we had some friends staying there and it was recommended as a cheap, comfy place. We checked out a few different rooms, all tiny and a bit stinky with no views and too many mattresses in each room. With the promise that they would move us to a nicer room the next night, as people would be leaving, we paid 30 quetzales(about $3.50) for the night. They initially told us that they had WiFi… but after a frustrating 30 minutes, we found out from other traveler’s staying there that it had actually been down for a few days. WiFi isn’t usually THAT important, but Lex had a CD release show in SF that he wanted to tune into n Skype, so we were a bit bummed. After we assessed the tacky pink walls, the double and the twin mattress stuffed into the small room and the shower with wires sticking out everywhere, we decided to head over to Buddha Bar to play some pool and eat french fries. We then had a few hours of deciding how to get WiFi – which included going to our dark school to use the WiFi and seeing about a million spiders and walking around to look for another cheap hostel for the night that actually had WiFi. We ended up going to El Barrio and ordering food, drinks and using their WiFi – although due to technical difficulties we couldn’t even watch the show in SF. Feeling a bit beat up, we walked back to the hostel where Lex fairly quickly passed out, while I decided to watch a disturbing Colombian movie about a woman who was a drug mule and swallowed pellets of cocaine that she had to transport into the U.S. After that, I had a hard time sleeping…

We then woke up this morning and assessed how cheap our new plan really was and realized that staying at the cheap hostel and eating out every meal was actually a lot more than we were spending at our apartment buying food. We then went and talked to the people at our school and got our old apartment back! We then quickly checked out of the sad little hostel, giving our keys to a random cute Guatemalan woman who appeared to have a connection to the hostel. We then went out to breakfast by the lake and basked in the warm sun and then went to the market and the store to get stuff for the week. The rest of the day, we have spent our day unpacking, laying in the hammock, playing music and not taking this amazing apartment for granted. It has blue walls, a private bathroom, an amazing lake view with a hammock, a kitchen, etc!! The grass is always greener! Tonight, we are planning on going to check out open mic night at Hummus-Ya! Pending no rain or getting amazing jobs here, we will be leaving San Pedro next Sunday to head towards Antigua, Sumpango and then on to El Salvador!

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