Made it to paradise (although it smells like burning trash)…

Hola blog readers! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Yesterday, we got to sleep in and made it to Fernando’s Cafe again for some more delicious Guatemalan breakfast! We then decided we needed to see a bit more of Antigua and ended up taking a coffee plantation tour. I have so much more respect for coffee now! Coffee starts off as these red berries of sorts, then once the skin is peeled off the beans are yellowy-green in color(if they’re good, if not they go off to make cheap coffee), then they are roasted at varying times dependent upon which coffee is desired(espresso, dark roast, etc). It takes a ridiculous amount of work just to make one pound of coffee! Anyway, the plantation was beautiful – so much green everywhere and then we got to sample the beans and the coffee. Awesome! Also, included in the tour was a museum of Mayan music and traditional costumes.

We then headed back into town and hit up the cajero(ATM) as we were afraid we wouldn’t have enough cash(quetzales) for San Pedro if we didn’t. Always a slightly sketchy experience, but there were armed guards outside the ATM we chose, so that worked out! We then went and had a couple of happy hour cuba libres(rum and coke with a touch of lime), although failed to ask if the ice in our drinks was pura or regular Guatemalan water… We then headed out to dinner with an umbrella as it had started raining quite hard on us. As we didn’t want to walk too far in the rain, we ran into a cute little restaurant/bar and had delicious pesto pasta and some Victorias(Guatemalan beer). When we got back to the hotel, we weren’t sure if it was the ice in the drinks or the pasta but we both had a touch of evil tummy. Luckily no “D” though(I will use the term D to avoid any specific detail), just tummy aches before we called it a night.

We awoke this morning at 5:00 am to the loudest church bells and firecrackers I’ve ever heard. Apparently they really like to get people up for mass! We really couldn’t get back to bed, but had to catch our shuttle to San Pedro la Laguna by 7:45 am, so it worked out alright.

It took 3 1/2 hours to get to San Pedro, as about 2 1/2 was on the highway and about an hour was on about a 15 mile stretch of road that was so full of pot holes, the driver had to swerve left and right to avoid them for the last hour. My insides felt like they’d been thrown around in a blender. Luckily, Lex and I took dramamine before the trek, so we felt okay. We then got off in the middle of town and had 2 random Guatemalan guys escort us to La Cooperativa(our Spanish school and apartment) where we paid our dues for the week and got our keys. We then spent the next hour fighting bugs, butchering through spider webs and making it our little casa! We then took naps in the hammock(yes, we have a hammock and an awwwesome view)

and went to the store to get some black beans and tortillas(and of course some Gallo cervezas), which we are about to make now! Check out all of our pics from Antigua, San Pedro and of our apt. and view! Adios para ahora! 🙂




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5 thoughts on “Made it to paradise (although it smells like burning trash)…

  1. mike

    jealous. your pics are amazing. why is there a picture of a toilet?

    • Hehe! That’s just our private bathroom in our apartment… apparently private bathrooms are a big deal here. For $6.50/night, it’s not bad! Miss you guys!

  2. Susan Rassai

    Hi Ashley! Good to hear you are having fun. I agree with Mike lots of good pictures. This is my first blooger…I hope your Mom writes too. 🙂
    We miss you lots. Take care and be safe! Susan

    • Hi Susie! Thanks and so glad to see you’re checking it out! 🙂 I seriously miss you guys, too. Maybe not the working part, but I definitely miss all of you! Also, I thought you might appreciate that we have wild roosters and turkeys outside our apartment and they gobble and make noises all day!! Hehe! 🙂

      Talk to you soon!

  3. Dark Star

    Seester, you are a silly one! I really enjoy reading about your adventures and it makes me re-think my life…….. and makes me thankful I don’t have to worrry about getting the D! (hahahaha j/k!) No, really, so glad you are having fun and achieving your spanish goals along th way. much love–dark star

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