Chillin’ in Antigua – we made it!!!

So, we have finally arrived in Antigua after months of finishing up, goodbyes and fun times! We got to Guatemala City at about 6:30 am and then had a car waiting for us to take us to Antigua by about 8:00. We checked into the hotel and immediately took a nap as we both slept about 2-3 hours on the plane! Gah!

We then woke up and wandered down the street to the best breakfast place possibly in the country, Cafe Fernando and had cafe’s con leche, eggs, black beans, plantains and tortillas! Delicious!!! We then walked around, and went into the Merced Church(bright yellow and adorable) and took some pics. We then headed to the el mercado(market) where I bought sunglasses a 2 prong to 3 prong power adapter(which was hard to translate). We also went into a GIANT Guatemalan supermarket and got some goodies.

I forget how warm and kind people are here… it’s so nice to hear people say hello (or hola) when they don’t even want anything from you! I suppose SF has jaded me a bit.

I am SOOO excited to be here and can’t wait to keep adventuring and start Spanish lessons next week, but for now, relaxing with the Lexinator is just what I need! Woo!

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